Refer a Friend & Save on Storage for Moving

Preparing for a move is more convenient than ever with King’s 625 Self Storage. Not only do we offer secure temperature-controlled storage, but when you refer a friend, you can both save $50 off your next rental. Prepare for your move with one of our storage units in Bowmansville PA.

If the coronavirus has persuaded you to move in some way, you are not alone. Big cities, like New York and Chicago saw a rise in residents moving out during the pandemic. We looked at the factors below.

Moving During the Pandemic

  1. Expenses. The cities that residents were moving out of happened to be some of the country’s most expensive cities to live in. When a pandemic keeps you from accessing all the best parts of a city, why spend the city rent amount to be stuck in your apartment all the time?
  2. Restrictions. City mayors imposed strict restrictions to keep the virus from spreading. Not everyone wanted to deal with those regulations, and some moved to less populated areas with more lenient rules.
  3. High Population. The main protection against the coronavirus was to stay as far away from others as possible. High populated areas naturally get crowded, so it makes sense that those wanting to stay safe would relocate if they had the means. 

Save $50 When Your Refer a Friend

Take the stress out of moving when you rent storage from King’s 625 Self Storage. You can rent a storage unit to hold your items while you move, and you can organize everything as you settle into your new home. Our storage units are drive-up accessible, so we can handle large loads with ease, and you can unload without too much heavy lifting. Talk to one of our storage experts to find the right storage for you. Or check out our storage options yourself online!

Refer a Friend

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