5 Temporary Storage Tips for Now and The Future

Moving soon or redoing your living space so you can work from home? King’s 625 Self Storage can help you store your extra items to make downsizing or working from home more enjoyable. Now is the time we rely on our living room to be a 3-in-1, living room, office, and school. Our Mohnton PA storage units can help you achieve the open space you need to accommodate your daily life.

Check out these 5 temporary storage tips!

  1. Save time and rent self-storage online now.
  2. Appeal to the senses with your new-found space add a candle or plants to spruce your space.
  3. Make the most of your kitchen or living room and make a standing desk.
  4. Businesses can use self-storage for making space in the dining room.
  5. Store extra seasonal items to stay organized in the garage and around the house.

Keeping your gear safe while you make your home into an office and play area for the kids is helpful with self-storage here. King’s 625 Self Storage offers monthly leases so you can stay for a few months or until you are ready to move out. Find more solutions for keeping your home feeling like an oasis, here.

Renting and Reserving Online

Choose a Mohnton PA storage unit online now! Rent from the comfort of your home and move your items to our storage space with our contactless storage rentals.

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