Garage Organization
August 27, 2021

Genius Ideas for Garage Organization

We ask a lot of our garage and shed: hold all the seasonal gear and be spacious. What if there was an easier way to organize your garage? King’s 625 Self Storage near Bowmansville, PA, has a few helpful tips for garage organization. Once you draft your plans for your organization project, give us a call to secure your self storage unit!

Check out these easy ways to organize your garage space and keep it that way all year round!

7 Garage Organization Ideas

  1. Use an old pool noodle to organize your fishing poles rods along the wall.
  2. Stack plastic bins on a shelf instead of each other.
  3. Group similar items together.
  4. Use commercial shelving kits to save space
  5. Self storage is a great solution for seasonal tools
  6. Create a track system on the ceiling to store bins overhead.
  7. Use PVC pipes or wood slats to create individual sections along the wall for each tool.

Find these garage organization ideas and more from the experts at Family Handyman!

About King’s 625 Storage in Mohnton, PA

Self storage can help you keep your garage organized and ready for the car during winter. We have indoor storage units as well as drive-up self storage in Mohnton, PA, right off the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Bowmansville. When you have sorted through your garage contents and have figured out which items will stay and which will be packed away, you can determine what size storage unit will work best to hold it all. You can visit our online storage calculator to get a quick recommendation after a few clicks, or consult one of our experts for a more in-depth conversation about the size and type of storage you need. King’s 625 Self Storage is ready to help you get your belongings in order!

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